For sale is a Vintage 1970s Ludwig Downbeat configuration 20/14/12 with matching 8 lug Jazzfest snare in blue sparkle. Great players condition! All shells in-round and feature original bearing edges in great shape. Interiors are all granitone except for the 12 with is clear maple. Wrap is brilliant, clean and tight with minor scuffs here and there. Seams are decent with one small wrinkle on the floor tom towards the top. Very small wrinkle or two on the bass drum seams, but not noticeable. Chrome is pretty clean with minor oxidation. Could use a deeper detailing and polishing in spots. Not certain if tom post mount on bass was factory or post-factory. Newer snare wires on snare in great shape. Snare stand shown is included and there looks to be one pin hole pierce on the snare bottom head. Could use new heads on entire kit. Batter toms heads look to be originals. All drums feature the Blue/Olive pointy badges with minor scuffs and serials are as follows: 20 bass #1342742, 14 floor #1344145, 12 tom #1117329 and snare #1066174.

$1495.00 OR BEST OFFER

SOLD 12.20.15