A sampling of our services.

Bearing Edges

Do you have a drum with a wood shell that just won’t tune properly? Chances are it is because the bearing edges are in rough shape. Over time, the aging and drying out of vintage wood shells can take a toll on the edges of the shell where the heads make contact. Even a sloppy factory job can leave you with the edges in very poor playing condition. Here at MKE Drum Co., we take extra care to cut and refinish bearing edges with the utmost precision and attention to detail. We offer everything from standard 45 degree cuts to full round-overs to provide you with the proper tonality. If you are in need of getting your bearing edges redone, please contact us for a cost estimate.


If you have a single drum or full set that the wrap has seen better days and can’t be saved, we have you covered – literally. We use only the best quality wraps on the market along with the proper process, adhesive and materials to bring your drums back to life. With superb attention to detail we offer a top-quality result that you will swear was factory done. While some vintage wrap colors are no longer in production, there are many vintage and modern colors available. Contact us today for an estimate on materials and labor.


We get it – drums are heavily played and that means from time to time they require repairs or maintenance. Especially with vintage drums, time takes a huge toll. Do you have a drum with broken or even missing parts? We can help locate and repair the problem. We do everything from part replacement to filling holes, mending wood or wrap separation, repairing seam lift, refinishing, restoring functionality, you name it! We’d like to help you relieve your broken drum woes, so please contact us for a price quote.


Got a vintage drum set that has seen better days? Maybe it needs a simple detailing and a few missing parts replaced. Or maybe it needs a complete overhaul including major shell repairs, a custom wrap or finish job, broken parts replaced with original period correct versions, etc. From rust removal to hardware polishing, from seam mending to wrap buffing – whatever size project it may be, we can help! Drop us a line over on the contact page and we can help get those drums singing like they used to.


Sometimes you have a great drum that you love, but the shell depth is not ideal. Or maybe you have a vintage piece like a bass drum that you want to restore and modify the shell depth to your liking. Or maybe you have an old tom shell that you want to cut-down and make a custom snare out of. We specialize in shell cut-down projects of all sizes. We not only trim the shell to your size specifications, but we match the exact bearing edge profile of the drum. Then we plug and fill any and all original existing holes from the old lug or mount placement and mask the old holes in the finish like they were never there. Then we drill the shell out for the new hardware placement. We also can move reinforcement rings as needed with thinner ply shells. Contact us today to begin your project!

Custom Builds

Are you looking for a completely custom build? Dreaming of the perfect snare or kit of your own design? We can help! Either bring us your box of parts or we can work with you to source materials to make your vision come to life. With all of the shells, hardware and finish options available today, the possibilities are endless. We will guide you along the entire journey from concept to completion to arrive at a destination of pure satisfaction. Turn heads and spark conversations with that custom piece you’ve been dreaming about. Contact us today to get started!