A little about MKE Drum Co.

Hello and thanks for visiting! My name is Derek and I have been playing drums for over 30 years and counting. I’m proud to say that all of those years I have also been writing and playing music with other musicians. When I am not physically playing drums or working on drums, I am thinking about drums. You could go as far as to say I eat, sleep and breathe drums. I am based out of the Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A. area.

In recent years, I have become addicted to anything vintage drum gear related. I completed my first full drum kit restoration in 2011 of a vintage mid-1970s Slingerland in sizes 24/18/16/13 with a 14 chrome over brass Sound King snare. It also had matching 12 and 15 concert toms as well as I converted an extra 14 tom into a marching snare with wood hoops. It was quite the first project to take on. That restoration project sparked the flame for my love of vintage drums.

Fast forward to today and MKE Drum Co. After years of restorations, repairs, research, detailing, buying and selling vintage drum gear, I decided to put a name on my obsession to assist other drummers in acquiring top-quality vintage drum gear. I do everything from full-blown restoration to small repairs as well. I have soaked up tons of knowledge on vintage gear, especially Ludwig and Slingerland drums, so I also help drummers with any questions or advice they might need.

I would be happy to hear from you so please do not hesitate to drop me a line on the contact page if I can help in any way. Thanks and have a great day!