For sale is a Vintage 1950’s Ludwig WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic Kit in White Marine Pearl with chrome hardware. 22/16/13 and 14 Super Classic snare. Absolutely beautiful players condition! Features keystone WFL matching badges. WMP wrap is clean, tight and slightly yellowed. Couple of chips in outside wrap edge on bass drum which is hidden by the hoop. Chrome over brass hoops. Double cymbal arm mounts. Minor scratches, oxidation and rust here and there. The worst spot is shown on the floor tom leg mount photo. Shells are in round and clean. Bearing edges look original and in good shape. Some very minor separation starting on some of the resonant side edges. Batter side bass drum hoop not original. Six of twenty total bass drum claws do not have the original “WFL” letter stamping. Brand new coated Remo Vintage Ambassadors on snare and tom batter sides, coated Remo Ambassadors on the rest. Includes snare stand, cowbell, cowbell mount, WFL Speed King bass drum pedal and throne, which I believe may be a Slingerland. Overall a very sweet looking kit!

$1995.00 OR BEST OFFER

SOLD 9.2.15