For sale is an absolutely gorgeous Vintage 1968 Ludwig Pioneer 5×14 Snare in Oyster Blue Pearl. This snare is super clean! All original parts, besides used heads which look to be from the 70s due to the block Ludwig logos. Bottom head has about a 2 inch slice in it. Shell is in round, original interior paint is clean and intact and the factory bearing edges are in really great shape. The stunning Oyster Blue Pearl wrap is tight, glossy and has very minimal wear or fade at all. Still has vibrant blues! Very minimal microscopic pitting on chrome lugs here and there. Features chrome over steel hoops which have minimal scratches and wear. Original throw, butt plate and baseball bat muffler are clean and in perfect working order. Original snare wires and ropes. Black date stamp of JAN 5 1968 present, a little blurry, yet legible. Keystone badge with serial 565605. This is definitely the nicest pioneer to come through my hands and I am pleased to offer it up for sale to a loving home. Just a very nice drum all around and a great addition to anyone’s arsenal!


SOLD 8.15.16