For sale is a nice Vintage 1966 Ludwig Classic 22/16/13 Set in Sky Blue Pearl in great players shape. Freshly detailed. Wrap is tight with very minor seam lift and has a some fade. Wear and scuffs here and there in wrap with one area on the right side of the bass drum which is heavily scratched or cracked shown in photos. Shells are in-round and have the original interior paint which has some flaking, especially in the 13. Bearing edges are original and in great shape on the batter sides. Resonant side bearing edges a little more worn in areas (most likely from having the hoops off over time) and one tiny slice in the 16 resonant edge. Chrome is pitted and scratched in areas, but still gleams. Post-factory bass drum post mount added somewhere along the way, but the four original rail consolette holes are still present. Keystone badge serials and black date stamps as follows: 13 serial 401459 with date stamp of SEP 26 1966, 16 serial 403505 with date stamp of SEP 26 1966, 22 serial 403103 with date stamp SEP 27 XXXX (smudged and not readable, but I’m assuming 1966). Snare stand shown is included. Could use some new heads and it would be ready to go to the gig! Just a great players kit that looks and sounds superb!

$1145.00 OR BEST OFFER

SOLD 9.8.16