For sale is a late 1970’s Ludwig Blue Vistalite kit package in great players condition. These have been together since the factory and were purchased new from a local dealer as the complete package you see here!

Full package includes: Serial Matched 22/16/13/12 Ludwig Blue Vistalite Drums, 14 Ludwig Ludaloy Supraphonic 10 Lug Snare, original throne, two straight cymbal stands and snare stand, Spur-Lok hi-hat stand, Speed King pedal with original beater, 14″ Zildjian Avedis Hi-Hat Cymbal Set, 18″ Zildjian Avedis Crash Cymbal and a 20″ Zildjian Avedis Medium Ride Cymbal. All drums even have all original Ludwig heads top and bottom with dealer stamps. You can’t get any more dealer complete than this!

Drum Serial Numbers:
14 Snare B/O Badge #: 1627650
22 Bass B/O Badge #: 1712007
16 Floor B/O Badge #: 1712009
13 Mounted B/O Badge #: 1712018
12 Mounted B/O Badge #: 1712016

Details on overall condition: Acrylic shells have very minor surface scratches here and there. Worst is about a 10″ or so long one on the floor tom that is hidden against the bass drum but is not very deep. No cracks or stress fractures anywhere. Normal light pitting and minor rust visible but otherwise very clean and the chrome gleams. Worst pitting is on the snare shell and some hardware stand legs and feet. All original Ludwig heads are present but in pretty used shape. Heads have the dealer stamp of Faust Music above Ludwig logos. Bass drum beater head has two very small puncture holes at the very bottom which looks like the kick pedal mount caused them some time ago. Front reso bass drum hoop slightly out of round, but very functional. Some wear on bass drum hoops but no splits or cracks. Looks like newer paint on them as well and original inlays with minimal cracking issues at seams with small repairs. Few of the tension rods washers look unoriginal (not brass) but otherwise everything else seems to be completely original. Also, there is a very small about 3mm crack starting at the crash cymbal center, but otherwise all cymbals in great condition.

$1995.00 OR BEST OFFER

SOLD 8.29.14