For sale is a Vintage 1960s Slingerland 20/16/12 in Black Diamond Pearl with a chrome over brass Sound King Snare plus matching 6 and 8 inch bongos. This kit is super clean! Wrap is brilliant and tight. Chrome gleams. Shells are in-round, have nice factory bearing edges, have extremely clean milk chocolate interiors and that wonderful 3-ply tone. Black and brass Niles badges throughout. COS hoops on the 12, COB hoops on the 16. The 8 lug COB snare is in a 9 out of 10 condition. Just a spectacular set overall! Post-factory modifications include a cymbal arm / aux mount on the top of the bass drum, as well as the wing screws on the bass drum leg mounts were converted to hex bolts. Minor paint flaking on the bass drum hoops and one drilled hole with bolt where pedal mounts (used to keep pedal in place). One bongo hoop looks to have been welded where it had cracked at one point, but was fixed well. Serials are 216751 bass, 218659 floor, 239269 mounted and 198691 snare. This sale is for the four drums only plus bongos with stand. Hardware package available separately as shown in photo (includes two cymbals stands, snare stand, hi-hat stand, pedal and a throne that’s not pictured).

$1245.00 OR BEST OFFER

SOLD 5.18.16